Taurus and Gemini

 Taurus: Taurus and Taurus rising, you are starting your week with your home, family, home, family matters and things to be settled here. This week is important because there are also effects that you have received from the Full Moon this week. In other words, your emotional ups and downs can be very active and very playful because of what you will hear from your close environment. There are also good interactions this week. You will be under good developments in your career, an important money issue, an initiative related to money can put a smile on your face on Monday. Mercury continues retrograde in your travel, education and media areas. You can be open to misunderstandings when collaborating with people to come up with some of your ideas. Therefore, as long as you take careful steps this week and look at life with flexible eyes, the troubles and problems you experience in this sense will be left behind. While the details of your love life will be at the forefront on Wednesday and